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tv   11 News at 5 AM  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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le c-wahopi t ne on od, mht cy stooan lo wl keksorhein d psint bak a lainhioricrito c e brsill mk anr td ngg reoneeshvanafteralnt tonser te sprest obshou tto idandi a rstak thi prent ou inse foee cthen aas nnt hag the b a andf-b- heap. apisusina jus orto u
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li. govemein ape ea wld tofeur 'rnoas tro aack o s uc. isa chor spiceqthheepenhas ard. applsat ishem to unddes of at protect the ch giant pns to filen ap o ing today republicial at a b campgnking to gamore of s c night,so
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ed terho tdond cboagplsh lyhiarubaythispledprendiom -1: thk la enemt thme crnth phthn rnnoacbu: idtialdi) 17i k wegotohafi outay ft witcon ey e tetr" uth 's rn prs he priry, one ndidt from aovh calii is ing r mao.e sufropul ve poio, o hargently olit jend ted c :govhale soutnact marruday wieat ." mef e re n arheirhead try ave ate
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y enderglead p retihety's d te g thold pis, but the state-funded study is ed to carize onve. mian) hi agoiness.e'ona er inbuth de.ndhi ath sp rward tt. d noci tt is tue lle anthultioahetoacg e alwi t moro t at do." yd ici purflt r er onivils s quicacti g ah t sum ere go bekingser lopor king area.g t green ke. icr erar...the mounin wse the
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ayr yepiofity nae bn unin e d arto a emdi ynoelngesmethweppo be" ers aa aro worr thnter mor - fra is at ca p wrappp isxicost n stin celebratean masfrombeofreands p pelu sit ignt eoe fan ctstofnkofm meti dg hi sit,opured stdas ar now howg anad c mr ehbacomi up 11 t mog.
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orni- peoprein b tro afthere ugn . trotat ttrr rkg h valodos.firstop ory ff ainwa. ome t t arre etd thutreghw p 1 s rng: take aasan veigs aap wthre n. yeeasauits tr c uth oo t t- wengan
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her. ag out bit on the bezside a th will ckup at, and dr wir hidar codooday wl ocr riheftno a earlevg.tdoorninnyt tooke,port. day o very s...and a few w s utt nse w a itless ndill windy through early fray moing.mpers los t,itmpatur
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pline anytime wee 11 nthmornhe l...monum m ?? " veigorowhohi t ma. aye concor hped t
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he aunnd dand she aseari mk e mua suspect rie y ind hehim -- s ofhatoda you talawyyou cado it for fr ll forn wie hostinll a lnight from uil p- m.ers ofso cr asssoction hd in the kngat 640. ppeng w- coasisg apogy alth cdi crstebymoerce ge anvi abr lalcahare acss ut omersshe costs o a cror a dwort sich llar tew thng ica'ti parre be verpor ac t
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todaave te tea th eweon't jt rvt er'sught, nort grows coisti llful s, cesinheh. s ad. ote thd, tild-fonayfish filndbestrica "w"
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biezy side kup erng wartempesdry ions makr highdaor mof sorndo tode st nd will occur during theternoon aning. no r burn kin n't arouthwiowan e sm pleret. towio y withperatus in t 60s 70snd 80 touthai. e ilbicoerh ss nd wilstil aitrlfr mo and
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t0s a nndt y etutay asl ce scaed even nothi preay ce foist text we aurniom ronoorros foyo rninmm ligol tra. eandt of e s traffic moving smohl se slthromee constionasros to lionti24 hourda trc waon oebchan k
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mpovagther artrearfft, h anthesotti f wirda poinpo l ppado spr familit? dasarah,s imt to . dodo anytdooburning firfighave toin t,nythe seen howiresui vidthca firow ag y, fngrtat11anl ro. isroinwa mpattaeditfi fite larurg re ng s ngsespk.lo sirrlt.iaersomeyon rotha k tck oumeotbutoidin
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me, cap tos the mobape to dowcheck e nefrom overnig--aturt car bohied iapit veh ho igatsay bucami pnnerrg ilwain tff litsanntsen.t w o him reonbity houricevsyiobeha sendal willhe fiefectedy laid sof cadgs cis tgranmone h em yoy nyom we dagth
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wothe next tonight fire sta rthing- addrn yoen mor evidugstzika s crh 'scea,iaing s. chroth cts"ette e inc uiwo bi tt esn orthbnllsmheco b new th m t-is veigina omuaona sp. aer htare sarsha gomsyck malw accesrtsyems s. e ywd aln lo nded17- llstec quicayo annns ay
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imeng ca'ssufrheagti rm taw p, o p o ssesead th card thechnoly used i sidered moreiocard require e swipe of a magtic right out betweenhe city of coa on a tour de some say e. bu haawbedse cityvee be reing . arenuspr dar and "wve sntutmin llaral prtyhais cy ne enanhemin doarag roth inocine swefe tt aitwille ert rtd ecco hathfo
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siedonioopng tra re gng ars a how rs aing e doll a recpred tax i 1ws tg. could take monthso the kiadin net rsan alelo m bing.afterepo ste tiospiwhthiare askivere ts f i-v d pati ta a ng atalt.ilusre arni ksroun s g mng dr
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oneapl. e ayl h it a bndh eaidaymornmpern ths. saturt, w t oue... als uhtang sh..ot
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a loyourning . gs s loooourng pbl tsiroy.inrekih d.te h wn47 t39 muteso r liveic cs s a da gotch anl s coinutes.
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eath a rening iecicmes th ntia forildfda 11ewreerina poivr pado. e'trkihaesul . , are f o ve, rah,s imt ... n't nytdr rning fe e in th tt,nywi a op c btrbl l owes c ad q. here'sf the wa m fngrts at am ant til 8 pmuthe co. nswis, keth strinieyime sk wn a ar sinirn cas
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ck some es, qs lira, i' spkt. s. e fr it ngitoladrina d poly fog tofo v amer rgict sper, aceangyrl edand plin s edo codong
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ve, t is angryone wiay ifheuspect is positiveor hi ca g tested i don't ev sampfrin this g if tests n't get to kno pients beviolatif calfa n pr if onerly hor nfon iehaveorhes ea hee d is a n areca o th s voair gs. comip onwss g wean 1ctio
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wereinnguthyul m sax awoo thh igodso aisto aoknttoubho th whthe is le fighngus anequaear.heovve woel andra in ces forkes d ci poq war, ting veter a coem miioofions ta c clen
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welce ckews rn reci and . i'm ?? " riwe aring a of onwhy ads are soeven the ovthe in
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s see thit b a rit now finaliziactsthgu thlt re id l.5:cec tas ocess inpaviap lanthis dw f miles p'sgh tt wilar. mth witiaveiouulrc to gee olle eninw-- aris colo.ccorng t lo dart ubc al, ren 4 lliopas cireeserso i st01 'sfroran theeaneme doctorsreonbee
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eware pre oftes. e s here in lo erage ab.5 colad. lateon t hte an g twtw r uz idoump him. ismp'suz'sease ver campaie attaes a 1 rvieorb-c esrt ich cahif -cesct um hwsn oronvelv othla7 s. owsi hlfprfe. esentidao , i courag towsuit leng c fila cruz sill co
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he w t-poi- ioll rbl japoha ce rw ir akahm-y ureeof f. ey didheball drawiney, 34years now ... i ."er taitheionmep su
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ahth wnietwereolinnecaiabai'm . reint withtein arinarbiezde eyck nog , ates, and y conditns r most of uthern tode st wi wl cudu d y ino
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thpera inhe a0sndeww on sth aiwhl olitwistil ugfrmornate sy t, witur 60s70h dautndslan fcaer enshs. nngea debut r fstur n crngra ve ound orels f onde ugwn minrs bffvito denve vetions 24hoy,gofic onatv.coou101 f a y k
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ta ily thrllv'rlaule prmse atel thla mer bts tfas yotae-v, a. t betw-14.a dealll prm atco te con toleor vits itfomo. thni we waiss towo local ldiers dlo forseco is acaat." te to he."
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th wtet heoomptersnganis 161: het autorayg s wte msondo wleriheu carom. : yocheir athapping y- y glofintenaon dnkwi d! onveom beri haveisfor e, some caers.
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ood"le nor r o th ha cet 11 eakiea art. fidanger wigh ys yolp pvetial southern11 brekaing ... an 11 eaking ns erinurke o the co arblam ews itvis m he. thor j uthis danaar w s e oktoda
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thend 4a fe s ar winbi by ailpi is son, rmur, y itns willake r hie ft utloode stroilcuftnoony rning t thwind ysee sme, please poll verrm tem 6 and0s...and a flow 80thains. iday coolle, l y y ay inteurn 60d eaer 6ndto..igcettshs.ea adt r
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and es brown wda major problems for yo ing e. lige of tea west ot som slg ugf tronrebls t tr chl kt t d clon fi mp cove th therfiisy


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